Best Golden Retriever Treats

October 22, 2021

If you're the lucky owner of a Golden Retriever, you know how much they enjoy pleasing you! This breed will go to great lengths to make you happy, and they will definitely go to great lengths for a treat!

Do you want to know what the best Golden Retriever treats are? Stay tuned because I've collected a list of goodies for your Golden Retriever that are safe, healthful, and, of course, scrumptious.

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Should You Treat Your Golden Retriever?

You should, of course! Every dog enjoys receiving a goodie! Food motivates Golden Retrievers in particular, which makes teaching them much easier when treats are involved.

I couldn't imagine taking my Golden Retriever Ellie on her daily walks without snacks! Treats are sometimes the only way to persuade her to move! I need to use treats when she gets stubborn and wants to eat something unhealthy for her off the ground, or when she decides she wants to walk another route and just sits there!

Not all snacks are made equal, and some are completely garbage and unhealthy; avoid these types of treats. Healthy treats with authentic ingredients that are reduced in fat and calories are safe to offer to your Golden.

Treats should be consumed in moderation.

We've all been there: your darling Golden Retriever stares at you with those huge brown puppy dog eyes, pleading for more treat. It's all too tempting to give in and over-treat your Golden Retriever, but you'll up up doing more harm than good.

It is not a good idea to show your Golden adoration with treats. Golden retrievers are food-obsessed; they are continually on the lookout for food and appear to be hungry.

Many owners fall into this trap and overtreat their Goldens, causing them to gain weight, become obese, and develop diabetes.

The treats you offer your Golden Retriever should be counted as part of the daily calorie allowance. It's vital to remember that treats, no matter how small, add up!

A high-quality diet should account for 90% of your dog's caloric consumption, with treats accounting for the remaining 10%. To learn more about the 10% rule, see this article from the American Kennel Club.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Golden Retriever Treats

You undoubtedly want to offer your Golden the greatest possible food in order to keep them looking and feeling their best. Sugary and chemical-laden treats are bad for your dog's health, not to mention that they will make their skin and coat dull and promote excessive shedding!

What you feed your Golden Retriever has a significant impact on his or her ability to live a longer and healthier life.

Let's take a look at what you should think about when selecting treats:

Fat & Calories: It is usually ideal to choose snacks that are low in fat and calories, especially if you will be using them for training.

Ingredients: When it comes to ingredients, the less the better! Also, avoid them if you can't pronounce any of them. Some of the tastiest sweets just have one ingredient. We'll deal with them later.

Avoid using filler. Soy, wheat, and maize are common ingredients in commercial dog treats and should be avoided. They provide little nutritional value to your dog.

Meat By-Products and Meat Meal: Because they are less expensive than genuine meat, many commercial treats employ meat by-products and meat meal as components. These compounds are toxic to humans and should be avoided by your Golden Retriever as well.

Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners: It's best to avoid any snacks that contain sugar, as sugar can contribute to obesity and diabetes. If corn syrup appears on the ingredient list, avoid it at all costs! Corn syrup is a cheap sweetener that is detrimental for our health and the health of your dog. Xylitol is a hazardous artificial sweetener that can induce liver failure, convulsions, and death in dogs.

Artificial Preservatives and Dyes: Many commercial dog treats use artificial dyes to make them more visually appealing, but anything artificial is harmful to your dog and should be avoided. Artificial preservatives such as BHT and BHA are used to extend the shelf life of food; both are banned in some countries but permitted in limited quantities in Canada, the United States, and Europe. BHT and BHA have been shown in animal studies to be carcinogenic, and they may also be connected to cancer in people.

Species of Treat: There are many different types of snacks to pick from, including soft treats, cookies/biscuits, freeze-dried treats, and chewing treats. Having a variety is beneficial, and you can utilize treats for a variety of purposes. Small or soft treats are ideal for training, while longer-lasting chew goodies are ideal for when your dog has to spend time alone in his crate.

Allergies: Many dogs are sensitive to particular food ingredients, the most frequent of which are chicken and beef, but determining what your dog is allergic to requires some trial and error. For dogs with dietary sensitivities, treats with few or no ingredients are preferable.

10 Best Golden Retriever Treats

The following dog treats are all created in the United States, include no harmful ingredients, and are all-natural, safe, and healthy to give to your Golden Retriever.

1. Nudges Jerky Cuts Natural Dog Treats

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Made in the United States.

The number one ingredient is real chicken from the United States.

Slow-cooked oven-dried jerky cuts.

It's simple to cut into smaller pieces.

There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or animal by-products.

There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.


It contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which help to maintain bone and joint health.

Resealable 36-ounce package

Beef and duck are also options.

These soft and chewy jerky cuts will be attractive to your Golden Retriever. I'm sure your Golden will be drooling from the savory delectable smell as soon as you open this bag of treats.

You can either offer them whole or cut them up into bite-sized pieces for training. These treats are healthful and natural, and they are entirely created in the United States.

The additional glucosamine and chondroitin will aid your Golden's bone and joint health.

There are three delectable flavors to select from, and the first component is authentic All-American meat of the greatest grade.

Sugar is present in these foods, however it is noted later down the list. Sugar is a prevalent element in almost all desserts, and it is sometimes unavoidable. When consumed in moderation, however, these delights are entirely safe and healthful.

These snacks are a hit among dogs! They're excellent and of good quality. They smell and feel exactly like jerky. They come in a bag that keeps in the freshness with a ziplock-style closure.

Some reviewers say that these treats are a little costly, but the quality is worth it. To help them last longer, they can be readily broken into small pieces.

2. All Natural Beef Tendons from Downtown Pet Supply

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Made in the United States.

Premium beef from the Midwest that is free-range and all-natural.

FDA and USDA approval.

Beef tendon is an all-natural, single-ingredient delicacy.

There are no preservatives, hormones, or additives.

Long-lasting chewing pleasure.

Tendons ranging in length from 9 to 12 inches are available in 5 pack, 10 pack, or 25 pack quantities.

There is no odor.

Beef tendon is the only ingredient in these premium dog treats. They are made entirely of natural protein and are an excellent substitute for rawhide chews and high-fat treats. You may feel good about feeding your Golden something yummy and healthy.

There are no preservatives, hormones, or additives in this product. These beef tendons are FDA and USDA approved and are hand-inspected and packaged in the United States.

They are a longer-lasting treat, allowing your dog to enjoy a nice chew as you watch TV, read, or catch up on housekeeping, or if your dog is bored.

These beef tendons are low in fat, rich in protein, and high in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your dog. A tasty treat that will support your dog's joint health, promote healthy skin and hair, and keep his teeth and gums clean and strong.

A terrific chewing treat for your Golden, with no small bits that fall off or splinter, they are safe and entirely edible.

Dogs enjoy these snacks because they fulfill both their taste buds and their need to chew. These dog treats are popular among owners since they are 100% natural.

3. Merrick Kitchen Bites Dog Treats Grammys Pot Pie

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Made in the United States.

Ingredients are entirely natural.

Ingredients are few.

Gluten-free and grain-free.

There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.

Real chicken, potatoes, peas, and carrots are used to make this dish.

Crispy and healthful oven-baked sweets.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

9 oz. resealable package

Grammy's Pot Pie dog biscuits are a crispy, healthful treat that your dog will love. The first component is real deboned chicken, followed by real potatoes, peas, and carrots. These goodies are gluten and grain free, as well as soy, wheat, and corn free.

Merrick Kitchen Bites are created in the United States with all-natural ingredients. There are no ingredients from China!

Merrick offers a Health Promise, which means you may get your money back if your dog doesn't like these treats.

4. Merrick Power Bites Real Rabbit Dog Treats

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Made in the United States.

Ingredients are entirely natural.

The main ingredient is deboned rabbit.

No sorbic acid, no grains, and no gluten.

There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.

Medium-sized soft and chewy snacks.

Real vegetables and fruit are used in this recipe.

Poultry-free, ideal for those with food sensitivities.

It has Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in it.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

6 oz. resealable package

If your Golden has a food sensitivity to fowl, these Merrick Power Bites are the ideal treat. The primary ingredient is deboned rabbit. Rabbit is an excellent protein alternative to chicken and turkey, and dogs adore it.

Rabbit Power Bites are medium-sized star-shaped nibbles that are soft and chewy. A great treat for training or as a reward.

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats

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Made in the United States.

Ingredients are entirely natural.

Training goodies that are soft and moist.

There are three options: chicken, duck, or salmon.

The first ingredient is real beef.

Gluten-free and grain-free.

There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.

There are no byproduct meals.

There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

It has Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in it.

DHA helps puppies' cognitive development.

Available in 4 oz. or 10 oz. resealable pouches.

These soft and moist snacks are the ideal tiny size for training or rewards. You can relax knowing that you're providing a nutritious and enjoyable treat for your Golden.

There are three flavors to choose from: chicken, duck, and salmon. The primary ingredient is real beef, followed by all-natural ingredients. These treats include no harmful ingredients for your dog.

The extra Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids aid in the maintenance of healthy skin and coat, while DHA aids in the cognitive development of puppies. These snacks are suitable for all breeds of dogs.

They have a natural smoke flavor and are delicately sweetened with all-natural maple syrup.

Dogs adore these treats, which are the ideal size for training. You may even cut them in half to extend the life of the snacks. The most difficult part will be deciding which flavor to choose.

Buddy Biscuits Oven Baked Healthy Dog Treats [few ingredients, oven-baked, and crunchy]

6. Buddy Biscuits Oven Baked Healthy Dog Treats

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Made in the United States.

There are only four components.

Treats in the shape of a gingerbread man.

Large biscuits, approximately 2.5′′ in diameter.

Excellent for dogs of all sizes.

There is no corn, soy, yeast, sugar, or salt in this product.

There are no fillers, artificial flavors, or additives.

Peanut butter, chicken, bacon & cheese, and various flavors are available.

Buddy Biscuits are a favorite among dogs; some even refer to them as "crack for dogs!" These snacks are absolutely adored by dogs!

These gingerbread man-shaped biscuits are not only gorgeous but also delicious. Because they are rather huge (about 2.5 inches), it is advised to offer your Golden just one per day. They are also higher in calories, with 46 kcals per treat, therefore they should be consumed in moderation.

The nicest part about these cookies is that they only have four ingredients. These sweets include no junk or unhealthy ingredients, not even sugar or salt.

Buddy Biscuits are cooked and packed in the United States and come in a variety of delectable flavors that your dog will enjoy.

7. Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Chews

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Made in the United States with ingredients acquired directly from American farmers.

Single-ingredient chew delight.

Made with entire, freshly peeled sweet potatoes.


High in fiber and beta carotene, as well as vitamins and minerals.

There are no additives, preservatives, or colors.

The texture is tough and chewy.


Excellent for all dogs.

Available in a resealable 16-ounce bag.

Sweet Potato Chews are Ellie, my Golden Retriever's favorite treat! She drools a lot over these. They're a healthful snack created with only one ingredient: sweet potatoes.

These snacks are dehydrated to preserve the nutrients and have the perfect amount of chew. They are high in beta carotene, vitamins, and minerals and are a good source of fiber.

Single-ingredient snacks are ideal for dogs with dietary allergies, and not every treat has to be meaty.

These sweet potato chews will vary in texture and size, but your dog will drool over them. They are low in fat, so you can feel comfortable about providing this gift to your Golden.

8. Full Moon Training Treats Organic Chicken

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Made and sourced in the United States.

The first ingredient is organic cage-free and antibiotic-free chicken from the United States.

Ingredients that are human-grade and all-natural.

Low-calorie treats with fewer than 3kcals per serving.

Training snacks in the size of a pea.

There will be no corn, wheat, soy, glycerine, or cereals.

There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

High-quality snacks.

Excellent for all dogs.

6 oz. resealable pack

These delightful sweets are ideal for training because they are all-natural and low in calories. One treat has less than 3kcals, which is ideal for keeping your dog's weight in check.

Dogs adore the fragrance and taste of these organic chicken treats, which is why they are so expensive. They are an excellent training treat since they will pique your dog's interest and help him focus.

Full Moon Training Treats are human-grade, which means they are safe enough to consume if you dare! These treats are created entirely in the United States with organic cage-free chicken and will have your dog drooling.

To make these snacks soft and chewy, they are produced with all-natural and organic ingredients, including natural organic cane sugar.

9. True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Chicken

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True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Chicken in a bag.

Check Out the Current Price

Made and sourced in the United States.

Ingredients are entirely natural.

The first component is real chicken.

Hormones and steroids are not used in the production of chicken.

There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.

There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

There are no animal byproducts.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

Available in four different sizes: four ounces, twelve ounces, and twenty-two ounces.

These jerky treats are created from real chicken that has not been treated with antibiotics or steroids. They're slow-roasted in the oven and high in protein. True Chews are created entirely of natural ingredients, so you can be assured that your dog is receiving an all-natural and healthy treat.

Genuine Chews Jerky Cuts are a chewy treat that your dog will drool over and devour. If your dog doesn't go crazy over these treats, you'll get your money back.

They are soft enough that you can tear them into smaller pieces or give them to your dog whole. These treats are not intended to be long-lasting chews; nonetheless, due to their softness, your dog will devour this treat in no time.

Dogs adore these treats, and many customers rave about how delicious they smell! They are produced with healthy ingredients and are highly fulfilling to dogs; even finicky eaters seem to enjoy them.

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