Best supplements for dog shedding

January 7, 2022

Are There Shedding Supplements for Dogs?

Are you up to your waist in fur balls? Are you sick of finding fur on your clothes, in your meals, and on your furniture? We have some supplement suggestions that may help minimize shedding.

Excessive dog shedding can be a nightmare. Nobody wants their dog's hair on every surface of their home and every fiber of their clothing. You may want to use supplements to help with shedding, but there is no one substance that is widely regarded as useful in reducing excessive shedding. There are a few pills that may help, so if you're desperate, it might be worth a shot to see if they work for you.

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Should You Be Concerned About Excessive Shedding?

Before you begin experimenting with supplements, you should first determine whether there is an underlying issue that is causing your dog to shed excessively. It's critical to remember that all dogs shed a certain amount, especially as the seasons change. If you have a long-haired dog, it may appear excessive, but it is actually typical. However, allergies, parasites, bacterial or fungal infections, immunological illnesses, and cancer are all medical conditions that can cause excessive shedding in dogs. As a result, if you suspect your canine companion is shedding more than usual, take him to the vet for an examination.


If your pet is in good health, by all means, give him or her some nutrients. Excess shedding can be caused by a shortage of dietary fat, therefore incorporating specific oils into your pup's diet may help him deal with this issue. Many people prefer fish or flax oils since they are high in omega fatty acids, but in both situations, you must ensure that the oils do not grow rancid. As a result, some people choose extra virgin coconut oil.

Brewer's Yeast

Brewer's yeast is high in biotin and B vitamins, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It's often regarded as an excellent supplement for keeping a dog's coat in good shape, which might include assisting with shedding. It is possible to purchase brewer's yeast tablets specifically developed for canine consumption.

Supplements for Commercial Shedding

There are other pills available on the market that are specifically designed to aid with excessive shedding in dogs. These may contain a variety of substances, some of which may be more effective than others. Many of them are just oils and/or brewer's yeast that have been repackaged at a higher price. In that situation, buying the ingredients separately will most likely be less expensive.

Other Ways to Assist Shedding

Regular grooming is the most efficient technique to control shedding in your dog. This is especially true for long-haired breeds. While your four-legged companion will eventually shed the same amount of fur, you will brush it out and dispose of it so it does not wind up all over your couch! Many owners sing the virtues of de-shedding appliances like The FURminator, which are even more successful at brushing out shedding fur. Feeding your dog a high-quality meal, particularly one made with human-grade components, can also help to reduce shedding.

Supplements for Dog Shedding

Dog shedding vitamins, when combined with a regular grooming practice and a well-balanced food, may do wonders for your pooch's coat. Take a look at our list of the finest supplements for weight loss and make your choice.

1. Shed-X Dermaplex Liquid Dog Daily Supplement

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This anti-shedding dog supplement's strong natural mix will actively work to stop both seasonal blowout and normal, everyday shedding. The key is that the mixture has the ideal ratios of Omega 3s and Omega 6s to support excellent skin and coat health. The ingredient list contains Norwegian sardine and anchovy oils, flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil, biotin, and zinc, as well as other plant-based and animal-based sources of vital fatty acids and critical vitamins and minerals. This liquid supplement is also incredibly simple to use; simply add a tablespoon to your pet's daily meals and you'll notice effects in no time.

2. Veterinary Best Healthy Coat Shed & Itch Relief Dog Supplement

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This veterinarian-created mixture is intended to provide comfort for dry and itchy skin while also reducing shedding by promoting a healthy coat. This dog shedding supplement is made from plants and contains ingredients including yellow dock root, nettle leaf, quercetin, and omega fatty acids. MSM is another vital element that not only improves joint health but also helps maintain normal histamine levels to keep your pet's allergies under control. This dog supplement comes in the shape of chewable tablets, which can be difficult to administer if your dog is picky.

3. Get Ready, Pet! Omega 3 Supplements for Dogs

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This dog supplement contains crucial needed fatty acids and is a full supply of Omega 3, 6, and 9 for dogs. It will strengthen your pet's immune system and help keep their skin and coat in good condition, effectively reducing the amount of hair they lose. This supplement, which comes in the form of cheese and fish-flavored soft chews, can be given as a treat.

4. Nutri-Vet Dog Shed Defense

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This coat-supporting supplement for dogs is made in the United States and contains salmon oil, which contains Omega 3 and 6 necessary fatty acids. This recipe, which contains brewer's yeast, flaxseed, and garlic, is great for making your pet's fur lustrous and smooth again, as well as ensuring that there are no hairs all over your furniture. You won't have to worry about your dog refusing to take his supplement with the hickory-smoke flavor of these soft chews.

5. Spicy Paws Pure Alaskan Wild Salmon Oil for Dogs

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Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. This skin and coat supplement has only one component and can treat dry and flaky skin, dull coat, and shedding. The natural taste of fish oil is enticing to doggos, and the wild Alaskan salmon oil is easy to dispense with this convenient bottle (although you might not like their breath). Simply add a few pumps to your dog's kibble or wet food, and you're done!

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