Best supplements to add to homemade dog food

December 22, 2021

Dog owners spend a lot of time considering how to best care for their beloved companion, and maybe no other topics receive as much attention as those concerning your dog's diet. Is the professionally prepared dog food you're giving your dog really delivering the finest nutrition available without the addition of fillers? Is it beneficial for my dog to consume homemade dog food?

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Continue reading for a review of the benefits and drawbacks of making and giving homemade dog food to your pet.


Making your own dog food allows you to control the type and quality of the components. When you prepare your own dog food, you can be confident that you know exactly what's in your pup's bowl, which appeals to many individuals who find it difficult or tedious to interpret commercial dog food labels.

You can also prepare meals for your pet using products you already have on hand at the grocery store, perhaps saving yourself further excursions to the pet store on a frequent basis.

Furthermore, if you've been purchasing freshly prepared dog food that needs to be refrigerated at the co-op or through a delivery service, you could save money by switching to a model in which you produce fresh homemade dog food.


The list of negatives to consider when switching to homemade dog food is longer than the number of pros, but that shouldn't deter you if you're determined to give it a shot. The list is lengthier simply because it is more difficult to prepare food for your dog than it is for your household.

Dogs have very complicated nutritional needs that differ greatly from those of humans. Humans, of course, are omnivores, with systems adapted to obtain nutrients from a range of sources. Dogs, on the other hand, are carnivores, and their diet in the wild would consist primarily of protein.

Commercially prepared dog food is intended to meet all of a dog's micronutrient requirements. It can be difficult to include enough diversity in your own cooking to suit those exact requirements.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as enabling your dog to emulate the diet of a wild dog or wolf when it comes to creating their dinner at home. Not only would that be costly, but there may be other nutrients you're missing or meat types your dog's breed may reject. We urge that you visit a vet or other canine health professional before embarking on a homemade dog food system until you understand what is best for your dog's diet.

As previously said, pricing is an important factor to consider when considering switching to homemade dog food. Quality commercial dog food can be pricey, but if you think converting to homemade dog food will save you money, you'll probably be disappointed.


The most important thing to do when switching to homemade dog food is to consult with a veterinarian or a qualified nutritionist. You'll want to keep an eye on your pet's progress to ensure that he's adjusting well and that the new meal model is meeting all of his demands.

Your veterinarian will almost certainly advise you to augment your dog's homemade food with a few important ingredients in order to meet certain nutritional requirements.


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It can be difficult to give adequate calcium for your dog with homemade dog food, especially if he is a puppy. Adding yogurt to your dog's diet isn't going to cut it. To meet a dog's calcium needs, your dog would have to consume an absurd amount of yogurt every week.


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Even dogs who eat high-quality store-bought chow can benefit from a decent fish oil supplement. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D, and other minerals. Fish oil can also help dogs that have itchy or dry skin.


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As a dog matures, or if your pet's breed is prone to hip and joint problems, it makes sense to supplement your dog's diet with something for hip and joint health. Wapiti's Mobility Supplement blends elk velvet antler and other natural components long utilized in eastern medicine to maximize your dog's joint health in the early stages of life. As your dog ages, switch to Senior Mobility to help maintain flexibility and vitality.


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Whether your dog eats commercially prepared food or homemade chow, consider adding something to help his intestinal health. A healthy gut and GI tract are as important to your dog as they are to you. Dogs who suffer from GI distress while traveling or on a regular basis may benefit from Wapiti's GI Tract Supplement, which can help prevent unpleasant gas accumulation and soothe and relax your dog's gut.


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We use elk velvet antlers from our herd of 200 elk that on a pollution-free ranch in Minnesota at Wapiti Labs. Wapiti's supplements use elk velvet antler and other natural components to help your pet. We know you want the best for your cherished pet, and we do as well. Find out more right now.

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