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January 7, 2022

Natural Methods to Keep Your Dog From Eating Poop

In our previous essay, we discussed the probable causes of undesirable behavior such as stool eating. At this stage in our doggy-filled pet sitting existence, we've had a lot of practice with limiting crap consumption. Of course, we prefer natural, at-home cures and prevention for the majority of our dogs' concerns and requirements, so we're sharing what we've done for our pet sitting customers below.

How to keep your dog from eating feces

1. Provide Your Dog with High-Quality Food

The most critical aspect of altering his behavior is selecting the correct diet. A high-quality diet, in our opinion, is vital for a variety of reasons. In this situation, dogs on a poor quality food will not obtain enough excellent nourishment and will seek "supplements" in filthy places.

2. The Importance of Prevention

This is a no-brainer! Pick up your dog's poop as soon as she's done, and keep her well-supervised when out on a walk.

3. ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Adult stool eaters may have a hydrochloric acid deficit. One possible option is to incorporate apple cider vinegar into their diet. You can immediately add one teaspoon of vinegar per 25 pounds of body weight to food. Meat tenderizer and raw zucchini are two more digestive aids. We'd start with the raw zucchini.

Supplements for Digestive Enzymes

If your senior dog is indulging, it could be an indication of another weakness, such as a lack of digestive enzymes. To address this issue, give your dog a digestive enzyme supplement like Prozyme. This will aid in the breakdown of the meal, allowing your dog to acquire more nutrients. Remember that an animal with poor digestion will not be able to ingest food properly and will have to supplement from other sources.

Mineral Supplements 5

Stool consumption might also indicate a lack of trace minerals. For our dogs, we use kelp, but bentonite can also give minerals.

6. Pineapple, please.

JJ Diaz of Animal Crackers also has a recommendation for the dog who eats everyone else's stool as well as his own. "The way you break that habit is to feed him pineapple snacks," if everything else is in order. It ruins the flavor with acidity, and your dog stops eating it 90% of the time."

7. Caramel

Canned, unseasoned pumpkin is a nutritious supplement with numerous applications. It can be added to your pet's meal to keep his stomach full. What's the catch? It relieves constipation and diarrhea, and it may even improve urinary tract health.

While vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are necessary for your pet's health, too much of them can be hazardous. When altering your pup's food or looking for remedies to any problems, always consult with your veterinarian or a dog care professional! Before you use any of these foods, make sure you know if your dog is allergic to them. Many of our pet sitting clients have reported success with these natural solutions.

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