Drugs and Supplements for Stud Dogs

January 7, 2022

To boost fertility in valued stud dogs, the following medications and nutritional supplements may be prescribed:

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There are a few medications and dietary supplements that may be useful.

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Unless there is a considerable health advantage and they are given by a veterinarian, avoid testosterone, female hormones, anabolic steroids, corticosteroids, and chemotherapeutic medications.

A veterinarian MAY recommend and prescribe the following medications to boost male fertility:

1. Antibiotics if there is evidence of prostate or urinary tract infection.

If mycoplasma is suspected, antibiotics are prescribed.

3. Thyroid therapy if thyroid testing indicates that supplementation is necessary.

4. Medications to reduce prostate enlargement if benign prostatic hypertrophy is suspected or diagnosed. Megestrol acetate and finasteride are two of these medications.

Based on anecdotal data, the following supplements are recommended to boost male fertility:

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1.Glycosaminoglycans. This is the most widely used nutraceutical category for increasing sperm quantity and quality. It can be purchased in a variety of formulas from a variety of producers. Many, such as International Canine Semen Bank's CF-PlusR, use perna (green-lipped) mussels as the principal active ingredient. Anecdotal evidence suggests that improving semen quality in bulls, horses, and dogs. According to Dr. Roger Kendall, the mechanism involves accelerated cellular responses and amino acid uptake. There is no evidence to support the usage of this product in dogs. The dosage for this application has yet to be defined; however, there are dosage regimens for using these drugs for other purposes, such as enhancing joint mobility. Unless there is an allergic reaction, it is unlikely that this product will have any negative side effects.

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2. Antioxidants Vitamins C, E, beta carotene, and selenium are examples of them. Many manufacturers sell these without a prescription. They appear to work by eliminating free radicals, thereby protecting cells. Furthermore, increased sperm counts in the ejaculate have been documented. This product's use is not supported by documentation. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when this sort of product is used, semen concentrations improve, there are less head and acrosomal abnormalities, and semen tolerates cooling and freezing better. Some of the components can be hazardous if used in excess, so use caution when this is prescribed.

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3. Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation Many manufacturers sell these without a prescription. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when the dog has a large percentage of proximal droplets, semen shape improves.

L-Carnitine. This dietary supplement affects fat metabolism. This is available from a variety of manufacturers and can be featured in some senior dog diets. It has been reported that it improves sperm motility anecdotally. The mechanism of action has yet to be identified. It is a part of

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