How to Assist Your Dachshund in Losing Weight (and What to Feed Them)

October 4, 2021

Perhaps you didn't see how chubby your Dachshund was until yesterday since you didn't know how much your Dachshund should weigh or were in denial.

Or perhaps you were aware but were unable to act until now. Perhaps it's because you're in a panic because you've just learned that being obese can cut your Dachshund's life by up to two years. Whatever your purpose, you've arrived to the perfect place.

Your veterinarian's advice is helpful, but it is not perfect.

Veterinarians don't often speak out when a Dachshund is overweight because it can be a sensitive matter with owners, and they don't want to upset anyone.

I bring this up because sometimes you have to detect the problem on your own — YOU have to approach THEM about your Dachshund's weight problem.

If your Dachshund needs to reduce weight, especially if it is a lot of weight, the first place you should go for advice is a veterinarian.

Important questions to ask your veterinarian include:

How much weight should your Dachshund lose?

What is a reasonable rate of weight loss (for example, a half-pound per month)?

Is there something wrong with my Dachshund that is causing him to gain weight?

What changes should I make to my Dachshunds' food and exercise routine to help them lose weight? *

However, my experience has taught me that their feeding and exercise suggestions for the Dachshund breed are not always accurate. That's why I marked the last question with an asterisk.

Diet and exercise are also the two things that are most easily managed by you and have the greatest impact on a Dachshund's weight.

How to Reduce Calorie Intake in Your Dog Without Changing Foods

The issue is, there are ways to reduce the calories your dog consumes on your own.

For your Dachshund to lose weight, you do not need to switch to a diet meal or remove a food that they enjoy.

The following are the benefits of doing it yourself:

Your dog may continue to eat the foods he or she enjoys, which is especially helpful for finicky eaters or Dachshunds with sensitive stomachs.

It can help you save money because weight loss dog food can be expensive at times.

Reduce the amount of food you give your Dachshund

The second and most effective technique to reduce calories in your Dachshund is to just feed them less of their regular diet.

If your Doxie consumes 12 cup of food twice a day, try reducing the portion of food offered at each meal to 13 cup. Reduce the amount to 14 cup if your dog regularly eats 13 cup twice a day.

This method is effective, however it does not work for all dogs. The amount of food in their stomach might occasionally make a Dachshund feel as if they are still hungry.

Make a soup for their supper.

You may also try adding water to your dog's food to make it look like a soup (if you used canned or raw food) or cereal floating in a bowl (if you feed kibble).

This extra water will help to replace some of the food volume in their stomach while also keeping them hydrated.

Dietary Supplements for Dachshunds

Acana Light & Fit is an abbreviation for Acana Light & Fit

Acana Light & Fit would be my first option (or the slightly better quality, but more expensive Orijen Fit & Trim made by the same company)

ACANA Light & Fit dog food is nutrient-dense and strong in protein, making it ideal for active Dachshunds like mine.

Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight

Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight dry dog food blends high protein, grain-free kibble with all-natural freeze-dried raw chicken bits. The first ingredient is cage-free chicken.

Firstmate Pet Foods Pacific Ocean Fish is an excellent weight management diet for Dachshunds of all ages, but especially seniors.

This is a limited ingredient meal with fish as the only protein source, making it suitable for dogs that are allergic to other meats like as beef and chicken. Furthermore, because there are fewer ingredients in this composition, it is easier to digest.

Fromm Gold Reduced Activity & Senior Dry Dog Food

Fromm Family Foods is a fifth generation family-run artisan pet food company. This food is intended to have a high level of nutritional digestion and utilization.

Reduced Activity & Senior Dry Dog Fromm Gold Food contains grain (rice, oats, millet, and barley), chicken, and Fromm's specifically designed probiotic combination.

It is free of corn, wheat, and beet pulp (which is a good thing).

Nutro Ultra Small Breed Adult Weight Management

The Nutro Ultra Little Breed Adult Weight Management dog food contains grain (rice and oats), but it comes in smaller bits - small nibbles for small Dachshunds.

It contains chicken, lamb, and salmon protein. It also includes their special combination of 15 superfoods such as coconut, chia, kale, and blueberries.

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