Pitbull Puppies' Favorite Puppy Foods

October 6, 2021

Pit Bull puppies are noted for having a lot of energy. Typically, they will spend their days running around your house, exploring and finding for ways to play. All of that hard work culminates in a hard crash at the end of the day. As puppies, they might be a handful, but their boundless activity ensures that there is never a dull moment in your home.

Grain-Free Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

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Blue Buffalo's puppy formula is designed to suit the demands of developing dogs. It not only has enough calcium and phosphorus levels, but it also contains DHA.

DHA promotes the growth of your puppy's brain and eyes. When it comes to protein, this dry dog food performs admirably. It has 36% of the vote. The majority of that proportion is derived from deboned chicken. However, for a more diverse amino acid profile, chicken meal and fish meal are also employed.

The kibble itself is small, manageable, and free of grains. Blue Buffalo's LifeSource Bits, which contain a balance of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and vitamins, are mixed in with the usual kibble bits.

Merrick Grain Free with Real Meat + Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

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Merrick's grain-free recipe can help your dog's health throughout their puppy years and beyond. It has a protein content of 38%. Deboned bison, chicken meal, turkey meal, deboned beef, and a variety of fish meals are among the protein sources.

The fat level is also quite high (17%), which is ideal for growing puppies. There is also a good assortment of plant-based components for plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Blueberries, alfalfa, apples, and other fruits and vegetables are included in the kibble. This meal is a fantastic alternative for Pit Bull puppies since it contains healthy calcium and phosphorus levels, as well as a good amount of omega fatty acids.

Wellness CORE Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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With the Wellness Core grain-free dog food, your puppy's muscles can grow to be big and strong. It contains 34% protein, which comes from high-quality ingredients such deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal.

This dog chow is fantastic since it is specifically developed to make your dog slim and strong. There are no grains, chemical preservatives, or fillers that are unneeded. Only natural components are utilized to ensure that your puppy's entire body is nurtured as they grow.

Each piece of kibble is also coated in probiotics, which aid in the digestion of your dog.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food With Roasted Venison

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The Taste of the Wild puppy formula is designed to provide your puppy with a diet comparable to that of their ancestors. In fact, it satisfies all of the AAFCO's large dog standards.

It contains 28 percent protein from a variety of sources. Buffalo, lamb meal, bison, venison, and other meats are available. Sweet potatoes and peas are also good sources of complex carbs. Prebiotics and probiotics are also added to aid your dog's digestive tract.

The kibble is grain-free and contains no undesirable substances that could upset your dog's stomach or produce an allergic reaction.

Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food

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This Earthborn Holistic dog chow is ideal for Pit Bull puppies since it is designed to promote lean muscle mass. To give a balanced amino acid profile, it contains bison meal, beef meal, and fish meal.

All of those protein sources account for around 32% of the recipe. In terms of fat, this kibble contains 18%. It also provides the ideal calcium and phosphorus ratio to guarantee that your puppy grows at the optimum rate.

This alternative, like the previous ones, is grain-free, so you won't have to worry about allergic responses.

Wet Canned Food for Pit Bull Puppies Recommendation

Canned Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Plate Recipe Dog Food

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Merrick's grain-free Puppy Plate is ideal for puppies who require a softer chewing surface. The main protein sources are deboned chicken and turkey.

Your dog can also benefit from the chicken broth, which is both delicious and high in nutrients. Protein accounts for around 10% of the diet, whereas fat accounts for 5%.

The beautiful thing about this wet meal is that it has visible healthful foods like peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

While many new owners are unaware, the food requirements of early pups differ significantly from those of an adult dog. Pit Bull puppies go through a lot of changes as they grow into adults. It is your obligation as the owner to support those changes with an adequate diet.

When compared to their entire weight, puppies require significantly more food and all of the critical nutrients that come with it than adult dogs.

When you initially bring your puppy home, he or she will most likely weigh only a few pounds. However, after roughly a year, they can reach up to 60 pounds. The majority of that weight will be muscle.

While Pit Bulls are classed as a medium-sized breed, the muscles they will grow will necessitate a diet often reserved for large dogs. Your beautiful pup will not receive the nutritional assistance they require to grow up healthy if they are fed a substandard diet.

This could result in malnutrition, bone difficulties, and a slew of other health issues later in life. Needless to say, you must give careful consideration to your puppy's diet. By exercising caution throughout the puppy stage, you may prepare your dog for a life of health and happiness.

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