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January 7, 2022

Doggy Supplements Are the Next Best Thing to Pet Immortality We're Obsessed With

I have a gorgeous, unicorn-like dog named Auggie, and he is my child for the time being. I'd submit Auggie to the lab to be cloned if it meant ensuring a lifetime of Auggies. Aside from sci-fi fantasies, the next best thing is to give him the best chance at lifespan imaginable. Reggie is a multi-faceted supplement regimen designed to address all of your furbaby's health concerns. Anti-aging treatments for dogs are now available.

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We take self-care and wellness seriously in my house, and we want to show our fluffy boy the same love.

While your dog may be endowed with great genes, environmental circumstances can compromise his or her health. Household cleaning products, herbicides in your yard, and even vehicular exhaust in the air during your daily walks can all have a negative impact. And, while my pet parenting OCD is out of control, Reggie's supplements have managed to keep my worries at bay by keeping Auggie healthy and balanced... just like my chakras! We take self-care and wellness seriously in my house, and we want to show our fluffy boy the same love.

Reggie-Man for the Day

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Reggie is the only dog supplement brand designed to establish a long-term routine for you and your dog in an effort to alleviate pet parenting anxiety. Reggie has created a holistic essential vitamin regimen that is vet-approved by their adviser, Dr. Laura Catena, DVM, with the goal of bridging the gap between your wellness routine and your fur babies'. "As a veterinarian and dog parent, I fully understand how dosage schedules that aren't easy and routine might reduce compliance," Catena adds. "Pet parents can feel good about supplying quality nutrients to their dogs by following simple and enjoyable dosing routines."

Pup Bottoms

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This integrated regimen is clearly labeled with counter-friendly, colored packaging, making your dosing schedule a no-brainer, especially if you haven't had your morning cup of coffee. They also advise providing your dog's supplements during their regular mealtime to avoid any unnecessary dose-timing stress.

I began with The Complete Regimen in order to reap the full range of Reggie's benefits. The Morning Multivitamin contains important nutrients such as vitamin C and E, iron, and copper. The Morning Hip + Joint chew contains important nutrients including glucosamine and chondroitin, which have been shown to improve your dog's mobility and joint flexibility. Evening Skin + Coat supplement is ideal for itching dogs. It contains Omega-3 fish oils and Vitamin E, which gives your dog a lustrous coat that will make your quarantine hair jealous.

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Only time will tell if the vitamins' efficacy improves Auggie's health, but their Anytime Calming chew showed immediate promise. This stress-relieving pill contains hemp, chamomile, and melatonin. Auggie's stressed nerves were instantly soothed while on a long-distance road trip recently, making his journey tranquil and peaceful. Can they make it for people as well?

Obtain This

Reggie's chews have been subjected to "extensive palatability testing" to ensure that your dog will appreciate the taste. In fact, I've had terrific luck using the vitamins as treats and rewards! Auggie adores the flavor and gets all enthusiastic when he sees me pick up the container. Before I can even ask, he sits obediently in anticipation of devouring his vitamins. If only he knew! He's not a picky eater, but it beats having to grasp all 90 pounds of him in a headlock while putting a tablet down his throat. If your deity, I mean dog, despises vitamins, Reggie recommends disguising the chew in peanut butter or cheese.

For the Sake of Balance

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Reggie's supplements can be taken separately or all at once. Each container provides a 30-day supply, making the cost per dose $0.52. The set-it-and-forget-it subscription model simplifies ordering. You'll save $50 on your order, which comes with free shipping and returns. Your pup's "giddiness is guaranteed" if you freeze, skip, or cancel at any point.

Reggie deserves a round of applause! I'm looking forward to the long-term benefits of assisting in keeping our pet babies on this planet for as long as possible.

5 More Reasons to Adore Reggie They are vet-approved and have a veterinary expert on their staff (Dr. Laura Catena, DVM)

Ingredients that have been scientifically studied

Produced in the United States at a National Animal Supplements Council-approved facility.

Extremely effective (1 chew for the day for most dogs vs 2-4 chews per day from other brands)

Color-coded and segmented by meals to help you create a routine so you never miss a day

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