Sensitive Stomach Treats for Dogs

October 22, 2021

Dogs will do anything for a reward, which you are usually happy to give them!

Unfortunately, many dog treats are prepared with low-quality components that might cause gastrointestinal distress in your dog. If your dog is experiencing digestive problems, the first step is to determine the underlying cause. You can then select the best dog treats to prevent disturbing his tummy. Before we get into the specifics of the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs, let's first discuss digestive difficulties in dogs and some good and bad ingredients to look for.

What Causes Dog Digestive Problems?

Your dog's stomach is capable of processing foods that you would never dream of eating yourself. You know what we mean if you've ever witnessed your dog rip a tennis ball to bits, ingesting half of it in the process. However, some dogs have difficulty digesting substances that we consider nutritious.

Here are some signs of intestinal disorders in dogs:

  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Diarrhea or soft stools
  • Appetite changes
  • More than average salivation
  • a lot of gas
  • Lethargy or a lack of energy

Stomach sensitivity is frequently caused by an allergic reaction to a specific substance. Dogs, for example, might acquire allergies or sensitivities to substances such as corn, wheat, meat, and chicken. A change in your dog's nutritional routine can also cause occasional gastrointestinal sensitivity.

Recurrent digestive problems are frequently caused by an underlying ailment, such as inflammatory bowel disease. In such instances, selecting dog food and treats packed with easily digestible, whole-food ingredients is the best option.

Consult your veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog's digestive health. Even if your dog's symptoms are minimal, untreated digestive difficulties might lead to more serious complications in the future.

Look for the following ingredients:

  • Because the majority of your dog's nutrition comes from his everyday meal, dog treats are just that: treats.
  • This does not, however, imply that you should simply grab the first bag of sweets you see. It is critical to provide your dog with high-quality snacks that promote healthy nutrition without causing gastrointestinal distress.

Here are some features to look for in dog treats for sensitive stomachs:

  • A single high-quality animal protein source (like turkey, lamb, or salmon)
  • carbs that are easily digested (avoid fillers like corn and wheat)
  • Fats derived from animals that are good for you (like chicken fat and salmon oil)
  • Sources of dietary fiber to help with digestion
  • Natural supplies of vital nutrients can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in this product.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics to promote normal and healthy digestion
  • Continue reading to learn about the top dog treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs on the market.

Sensitive Stomach Treats for Dogs

Our top 9 selections for the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs are listed below. These treats are prepared with wholesome, high-quality ingredients that do not contain any artificial additives or low-quality fillers that could upset your dog's stomach.

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Dog Treats These dog treats are freeze-dried to preserve the nutritional integrity of the original ingredients and include no grains or artificial additives.

Grain-Free Pure Heaven Biscuits by Canidae

No products found.

These biscuits, which come in a variety of single-protein formulas, offer a crunchy texture that will keep your dog's teeth clean without upsetting his tummy.

Natural Cut Human-Grade Dog Treats from Full Moon

No products found.

These jerky treats are made with five simple, human-grade ingredients and contain fresh chicken without grains or glycerin, which may irritate your dog's stomach.

Grain-Free Gluten-Free Power Bites by Merrick

No products found.

These soft and chewy treats are made with actual salmon as the main ingredient, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, to provide a boost of great nutrients and natural flavor.

Whimzees Grain-Free Natural Dental Dog Treats

No products found.

These long-lasting dental treats, made entirely of natural, non-GMO ingredients, gently clean your dog's teeth while also satisfying his chewing demand.

Dog Biscuits Nutro Ultra All-Natural

No products found.

For optimal nutrition and natural flavor, these crispy dog treats are crafted with wholesome natural ingredients such as a superfood foundation and a 3-protein combination.

Mini Naturals Zuke's Dog Treats

These all-natural morsels are ideal for training because they contain fewer than three calories per treat and come in a variety of protein selections with no additional grains or fillers.

Jerky Merrick Backcountry Real Lamb & Venison

No products found.

These grain-free, all-natural jerky treats are crafted with real lamb and venison for a rich, meaty flavor that your dog will love.

Natural Balance Dog Treats from L.I.T.

No products found.

These all-natural dog treats are full of flavor and delightful crunch, with a minimal number of ingredients to lessen the risk of digestive distress.

Stella and Chewy's Raw Freeze-Dried Pieces

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In one delightful mouthful, these freeze-dried snacks combine the convenience of dry food with the nutritious benefits of raw food.

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