The Very Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

October 5, 2021

If your dog has food allergies, there are many foods available that are designed to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

These foods are usually available in one of two varieties:

  • Foods with a limited number of ingredients (LID)
  • Foods that are hypoallergenic
  • You can also use prescription-based diets if everything else fails and you check with your veterinarian.

In most circumstances, though, choosing one of these solutions will pay off. Why is this the case?

Limited ingredient diet (LID) foods, on the other hand, have considerably less ingredients than ordinary dog food. With fewer ingredients, your dog is less likely to develop an allergy. These feeds are easily available over the counter, with no need to contact a veterinarian or obtain a prescription.

Vets normally recommend hypoallergenic dog foods, but you may also order them online or locate them in pet food stores. These frequently chemically degrade the food's proteins. Your dog's immune system should not be inflamed by an allergen that appears undetectable in its hydrolyzed state since the proteins have been reduced to their fundamental building blocks, known as amino acids.

Because of these options, your dog should be less likely to develop an allergy.

So far, everything is going swimmingly. What, however, is the root cause of food allergies in dogs in the first place?

The most typical culprits are chicken and beef. Dairy and eggs are also common allergens in dogs. While you may believe that dogs are naturally allergic to these chemicals, this is not the case. The truth is that these substances are found in the majority of dog recipes, so it's a numbers game that leads to more allergic responses rather than anything innately wrong with those items.

Finally, food is only responsible for about 10% of all allergies in dogs. When it comes to triggering allergies, both fleas and environmental factors leave dog food in their wake.

When determining whether your dog has a food allergy, it is important not to mix this with a food intolerance. A food intolerance arises when your dog has difficulty digesting a certain ingredient. A food allergy occurs when your dog's immune system reacts negatively to a component that it incorrectly labels as hazardous.

The following are some of the most common allergy symptoms in dogs:

  • Hives
  • Skin rash that itches
  • Paws that bite
  • Obsessively licking
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet | Large-Breed Adult Dry Dog Food with Healthy Grains | Protein Options Include Chicken or Lamb

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With this dry formula containing lamb meal and brown rice, Natural Balance provides our overall favorite hypoallergenic dog food.

As with any limited ingredient diet, you'll reduce the number of potential allergens that may irritate your pet.

Protein is derived from a single high-quality source (lamb), which is stated as the first ingredient. This means no chicken and fewer food sources that may cause allergies in your dog.

Your dog's digestion process should be expedited thanks to the use of brown rice in the recipe.

Antioxidants in this diet enable the healthy maintenance of canine immune systems, so you'll be strengthening your hound all around while providing him with some tasty dry chow.

This very recognized business has been producing limited ingredient dog diets since the late 1980s, so you can buy with complete assurance that your dog's needs will be met, even if he has a food allergy.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food is a limited ingredient diet dog food.

Blue Buffalo is a heavyweight in the dog food industry for good reason. This Basics line of limited ingredient diets (LIDs) for dogs provides your pet with everything he requires while excluding everything he does not.

This kibble contains proprietary LifeSource Bits. These extra kibble bits are not to everyone's taste, but they help to restore oxidative equilibrium while also strengthening the immune system.

The protein in the dry food comes from a single source: salmon. There will be no chicken or beef, which are frequent canine food allergies. There will also be no cheap fillers, corn, wheat, or soy. There is no dairy or eggs in this product. This formula avoids nearly all of the common culprits for food allergies in dogs while providing a balanced powerhouse blend of premium ingredients.

Aside from a few complaints regarding quality control, this is one of the best-received and most successful dog diets for treating allergies in dogs.

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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Following that is another limited ingredient diet developed for dogs with food allergies. So, how does Nutro address this age-old issue?

Right away, you get a mix with 10 core ingredients or fewer, which eliminates potential allergen triggers in your dog. These premium core components are complemented by all-natural flavors as well as essential minerals and vitamins in a well-balanced form.

The meal is also grain-free, so you'll be eliminating yet another potential source of canine sensitivity.

The only serious problems we found among a sea of good user feedback were a few isolated reports about dogs experiencing skin issues after switching to this diet.

This is certainly among the greatest hypoallergenic dog chow you'll find, made from non-GMO components and providing an organic fiesta for your furball.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

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Blue Buffalo's limited ingredient diet dry food is another another first-rate product for dogs with food allergies.

As long as your dog doesn't reject the LifeSource Bit in this mix, he'll get a significant dosage of antioxidants to help his immune system.

This simple formula reduces the overall amount of components in order to lessen the possibility of your dog suffering an allergic response.

The protein in this dish comes from the deboned duck, which is the main ingredient. This single source of animal protein is supplemented with peas, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes to provide clean energy sources that your dog can easily absorb.

There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in the natural formula. There is no maize, wheat, or soy, giving Fido with a depleted supply of nutrition and energy while reducing the possibility of an adverse reaction.

Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dog Food Purina Pro Plan

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Purina is a dog food industry heavyweight with a deep bench of highly effective dog food for all applications. In this scenario, the meal is primarily formulated for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs. If your dog is allergic to anything, keep reading.

Instead of chicken, the protein in this dish comes from actual salmon. This is the first ingredient, followed by barley and rice, which are great for digestion. Prebiotic fiber is also beneficial in this aspect.

This product contains no maize, wheat, or soy, which are all common allergies that have been mercifully removed.

With no artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives in the mix, you can provide Fido with an all-natural meal that should reduce the likelihood of an adverse reaction. What isn't to love?

We discovered that the majority of consumers appear pleased with the outcomes this food provides for their dogs. The only significant concerns we could find revolved around some hotspot difficulties. With this minor quibble aside, the overwhelming majority of customer feedback is favorable.

PURE Grain-Free Canidae Dog Food

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Following that is a product from another well-known brand in the pet food industry. Canidae makes a number of diets adapted to specific needs, including a grain-free formula worth considering if your dog suffers from food allergies.

With no more than 10 core ingredients and no cheap fillers, you'll be stuffing your dog with goodness while lowering his exposure to allergens in his diet.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, the grain-free formula should be beneficial.

You'll also notice that the antioxidants in this cuisine help to strengthen his immune system.

The first ingredient, actual salmon, provides protein. You leave out chicken and beef, two of the most prominent culprits for creating food allergies in dogs, by supplementing with salmon meal and fish meal.

Nutrish Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food by Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray, a celebrity chef, introduces her culinary expertise to pet food with this limited ingredient mix excellent for dogs prone to allergies.

Choose from a range of pack sizes to suit your needs. We recommend starting with a smaller bag until you are certain your dog will appreciate this food.

Because the protein is derived from lamb meal, your dog's allergies will not be aggravated. There is also no poultry by-product meal.

This is not only a restricted ingredient diet, but it is one of the most extreme versions available, with only six main ingredients. This significantly reduces the likelihood of your pet developing food allergies.

This meal is full of taste and contains nothing that is likely to cause canine food allergies. It could be the best investment you make for your dog this year.

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